William Shatner gets his Cuban coffee fix at Florida Supercon

By Madeleine Marr

William Shatner July 2, 2016, at Florida Supercon
William Shatner July 2, 2016, at Florida Supercon

For an 85-year-old, William Shatner really gets around.

Good thing for caffeine.

The Star Trek star was in town this past weekend for Florida Supercon at the Miami Beach Convention Center and reportedly needed a little boost to help him keep up with his hectic schedule.

Fans cosplay for Florida Supercon, the comic book and pop-culture convention, at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

On Saturday morning, the actor arrived at the center bright and early in preparation for the sellout crowd, and an on-site organizer tells us he asked for some of Miami’s famous Cuban coffee. None was available so reps scrambled to make him a cup from a machine.

As the makeshift coffee was about to arrive, the center’s chef came by the green room to inquire about Shatner’s meal preferences. When word got out about the lack of a cafecito, one was produced one a few minutes later. Shatner was pleased, our source tells us: “The first sip must have been pretty magical as he couldn’t stop talking about it for most of the day.”

The actor’s afternoon was pretty routine, slipping between photo ops and autograph sessions, but the native Canadian’s energy did not waiver. Hours later, during his 3 p.m. panel, Shatner was was still raving: “Nothing like Cuban coffee, I’m telling you. It is where it’s at. I had the Cuban coffee at 10 this morning. . . . What time is it now? Three in the afternoon! How am I going to sleep?!?”

Shatner even spread the word to fellow convention guest Henry Winkler, urging the Happy Days star to try a cup.

The two TV legends later grabbed dinner at Las Vegas Cuban restaurant.