Tie designer slips into something more comfortable: bedding just for men

Greg Shugar knows what men want: comfortable, stylish sheets, pillowcases and comforters.

The local attorney-turned-neckwear designer (The Tie Bar) is the co-founder of the Thread Experiment, a home bedding brand targeted to guys.

We spoke to Shugar, a Miami Beach native who lives in Boca Raton.

What do you want readers to know about your company?

Your male readers should know that if they’ve ever been frustrated with the lack of options for bedding, that time is over. We are finally starting to see the home category as a whole start to fill the need of men who care about their home as much as they care about their physical appearance. We believe it all starts in the bedroom, where you spend most of your life anyway. And if you’re one of those guys who doesn’t care about his bedding, it’s time to start. Your sheets with the green and orange U on it won’t cut it as an adult.

How did you decide to make bedding just for men?

From my own experience in shopping for bedding. When I went to purchase sheets and duvet covers, all I could find were flowers, pastels and ornate Roman Empire-looking designs. I just wanted something more gentlemanly in neutral colors and classic patterns. After looking in literally every department store, I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me. So I knew there was a void in the marketplace.

Can you pick a highlight of the collection?

My favorite right now is our Malibu Plaid, which is essentially a black and charcoal buffalo check. I’ve personally worn buffalo check shirts throughout my life, so I’m biased to it. It’s one of the classic staples in menswear. We also have a tropical palms duvet cover that was inspired by the tropical palms we find here in South Florida and in California where my co-founder, Justin Mikita, lives. Not surprisingly, it sells well in both states.

What do you think of the typical Miami man’s style?

South Florida is an underrated and overlooked region for menswear. I think the style down here is outstanding. Men definitely take cues from the most fashion-forward looks in NYC, but they also aren’t afraid to add the Florida flair. For clothing that means mixing bright colored shirts or accessories with more muted suiting. Or for weekends, shorter shorts and resort-styled shirts. Because so many men here are physically fit, they can wear younger and more modern, slimming styles.

Which male celebrities do you think put an outfit together well?

My favorite is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. I’ve never seen a better example of someone who has his own strong sense of style and executes it well. I love that he’s taken the bow tie and made it cool again but also represents his hipster culture with ease. I love it when people take risks and go bold. My other favorite is Bill Maher. Yep! I may be the only guy to say this, but he (actually, I’m sure it’s probably his stylist) nails it every time. His suits are sharp and fit his smaller frame perfectly. His ties are always on point, but not traditional by any means.

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