Miss Universe & Sofia Vergara have a lot in common

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We’ll say one thing for the newly crowned Miss Universe Paulina Vega — she’s got stamina. A few hours after the post-ceremony press conference ended at Trump National Doral, the 22-year-old showed up looking no worse for wear at nearby Univision studios for an early morning Despierta America interview.

Entertainment reporter Tony Dandrades was able to grab the business administration student for a few moments for a Primer Impacto segment that was set to air Monday night.

“She seems more mature than her age,” remarked Dandrades, who added that Vega is not single. It’s unclear who the lucky guy is.

When asked if she thought in her wildest dreams she would ever get crowned, the brunette bombshell told Dandrades: “I had a positive attitude and was giving it 100 percent from the very first day, but I didn't imagine it until they called out my country as I was holding Miss USA's hand.”

The title is dedicated to her family, supporters and people who trusted in her abilities from “day one,” she added. “Thanks to them I was focused and gave it my all on the stage."

Vega isn’t just getting the love in Miami; she reports that her hometown of Barranquilla (where pageant cojudge Nina Garcia is from, coincidentally) will be throwing a party in her honor.

A big star likely to be joining the celebrations from afar is Sofia Vergara, who is from the same city, located in the north. The newly engaged Modern Family star took to social media to celebrate Vega’s victory while attending the SAG Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night.


As for Vergara, The New York Post devoted a Sunday article to her. The piece, entitled “Drugs, Murder, Mafia: Inside Sofia Vergara’s Rise to Fame,” talks about how the young woman is not an overnight sensation by any stretch.

Working as a telenovela star and model in Colombia helped her get to Miami, where the young single mom cohosted a Univision travel show called Fuera de Series in 1994. Tragedy followed — in 1998, her older brother was murdered, the victim of a kidnapping attempt. Two years later, Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After successful treatment, the article continues, Vergara eventually hooked up with nightlife king Chris Paciello, who served six years for his part in a mob-related murder.

Quoted in the story is local celebrity photographer Manny Hernandez, who had only positive things to say about Vergara, whom he has shot many times over the years: “She has never forgotten who she is,” Hernandez told The Post. “She’s very loyal and has the same manager who’s been with her since the start.”

Hernandez showed off the article on his phone in the Miss Universe press room.


Kristin Cavallari tried to shut down critics who say she is too thin, but that attempt may have backfired.

She posted a picture of her and fellow Miss Universe judges Lisa Vanderpump and Louise Roe putting what look to be huge croissants to their mouths before the show started.

“See...we do eat!” Cavallari wrote in the caption.

However, there is no follow up pic of any of the women actually ingesting anything.

Cavallari, a shoe designer, for the contestants, spoke to E! News before she traveled to Miami about her slight frame. “I don't know why or how, but after I had children, my body changed, and now for me it's about trying to keep muscle on and gain muscle so that I don't look too thin," said the 28-year-old reality star turned shoe designer, who showed up in a form fitting gown for the red carpet at Trump National Doral.

"I can look really skinny, and I don't like that look. I'm trying to put on muscle.”

Cavallari does seem a teeny bit obsessed with her calorie intake. She posted a Miss Universe diary for E! News and the majority of pictures involved a meal. For example, alongside an image of her egg breakfast, Cavallari wrote, "Although I ate the potatoes but I usually don't...I didn't eat the bread...I do eat carbs but not white ones."