Actress Angela Cohen in ‘The Humbling’

Two words: Lucky break.

Relative Hollywood newcomer Angela Cohen (Bazookas: The Movie) gets to show off her chops alongside Al Pacino in The Humbling, out Friday at Cinema Paradiso and the Tower Theater.

Cohen, who has been called a “young Madeline Stowe,” plays the daughter of a washed up stage actor (Pacino) in the drama, adapted from Philip Roth’s 2009 novel of the same name.

The actress, a graduate of Cooper City High School, isn’t exactly a household name yet, so she found it was pretty special to work alongside the star of such classics as Scarface, Scent of a Woman and Dog Day Afternoon.

Pacino was “gracious,” says Cohen, adding that he was also funny, easy to work with and a great “father figure.”

Next up for Cohen: pitching her female-friendly webisodes for television, The Change.


If you’re headed to Kiss Country’s Chili Cook-Off at C.B Smith Park on Sunday, you’ll notice two handsome chaps up on stage who look an awful lot alike. They’re The Swon Brothers, top three finalists on season 4 of The Voice. Since then, the boys from Muskogee, Oklahoma, released their debut self-titled album; their new single Pray For You, is currently climbing the charts.

That’s one the duo will definitely play, says big brother Zach Swon, who turns 30 next month. “We’ll also do lots of new stuff with a few surprises.”

Being on the NBC talent show in 2013 was a life changer.

“We are so busy now that most of the time we are running 90 to nothing,” says Colton Swon, 26. “The Voice introduced us to the most loyal fans on earth, and we are so appreciative.”

Besides jamming, another thing they’re looking forward to is eating some good, old fashioned chili.

“It’s got to be hot. Not mild at all,” Colton stresses. “Hot!”

As for the rest of their plans, the boys are asking for advice from locals.

“We want y’all tell us what we should do while we are in town,” Colton says. “Tweet us @theswonbrothers.” They’re listening.