Nina Sky at Aqua Girl: we’re just having fun

Clubgoers may know the musical duo Nina Sky as the twins that have brought summer beats like Move Ya Body, Turnin Me On and Oye Mi Canto to the dance floors over the years. But a lot has changed since for Nicole and Natalie Albino. Aside from killer style, tattoos and attitude, the women have switched up their sound while staying true to their R&B origins. On Saturday night they played a special DJ set at The Catalina Hotel for Aqua Girl LGBT charity event, which included everything from rap to Alicia Keys covers. The Albinos, originally from Queens, New York, are currently working on an album tentatively called Brightest Gold and are releasing their new single Champion Lover next month.

Talk about your new project.

Natalie: On this new album, we’re just having fun. We wrote a lot of it with different producers. Our single was written by us and produced by Vito Fun and Coil.

Nicole: When we went into the studio, Natalie and I just thought about having a good time and not taking ourselves so seriously. That’s what we did: We just went in and did whatever felt right for us.

Natalie: At the same time we tap into things that are very natural to us like love and life, fun vibes, love vibes, it’s relatable. Champion Lover is a fun vibe, very Caribbean inspired. We want you to listen to it after having a margarita and mojito and top it off with a sangria while sitting on the beach and getting so drunk you just want to dance and party and feel good. That’s Champion Lover.

You’ve worked with Rick Ross, Sean Paul and Pitbull. Any new collaborations?

Nicole: We have some featured artists and a couple of remixes to the song, but we can’t say who is on it yet. We would like to collaborate with [Jamaican DJ/singer] Popcaan, who also fits into those summer vibes.

Natalie: Drake’s a phenomenal singer and writer, so that would be amazing to work with him on a project or single.

Did you tap into any personal stories while writing this album?

Natalie: I think everything is personal. I’m a new mother. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I definitely see myself writing more music that shows that I can be a bad-a-s bitch and I can be sexy and do all of these things while being a mom and while being a woman and killin’ it at home and being an awesome wife. Just showing that those personalities can coincide.

Nicole: I think the perfect example is personal and also fun in Champion Lover because when I wrote the chorus I wrote it about my wife. It says, “Baby you’re a winner, my champion lover.” Those lyrics are so simple and fun, but it’s about me being cute to my wife.