‘Biggest Loser’ contestant: Show a ‘fat-shaming disaster’

Kai Hibbard may have lost 121 pounds when she went on The Biggest Loser in 2006, but she doesn’t have much praise for the reality series.

The show, in which obese contestants compete to lose the most weight, is “a fat-shaming disaster that I’m embarrassed to have participated in,” she told the New York Post.

The trainers, she said, “would say things to contestants like, ‘You’re going die before your children grow up.’ ‘You’re going to die, just like your mother.’ ‘We’ve picked out your fat-person coffin’ — that was in a text message. One production assistant told a contestant to take up smoking because it would cut her appetite in half.”

The 16th season finale will air live on Jan. 29.

Happy ending

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock may have her happily ever after.

Hartsock wed Chris Siegfried in Palos Verdes, California, on Sunday, a rep for the couple told Us Weekly. The pair, got engaged on the 2013 Bachelorette finale. They currently live in Seattle.

The legal scene

Attorneys for the Beastie Boys are asking a New York court to order the maker of Monster Energy drink to pay almost $2.5million in legal fees to cover their costs in a copyright violation case.

Lawyers made the request in court papers Friday. In June, a Manhattan federal court jury awarded the rappers $1.7million in damages.

Corona, California-based Monster Energy Co. had admitted wrongly using the group’s songs in a video that was online for five weeks.