Enrique Iglesias on Facebook live: Let’s talk about love


Just in time for your summer playlist: Enrique Iglesias took to Facebook Live Wednesday to talk — in both Spanish and English — with fans about his new single, Duele El Corazón, featuring reggaeton icon and longtime pal Wisin.

Iglesias said he was happy to collaborate with his longtime pal.

“His energy is unbelievable,” he said of Wisin.

During the chat, Iglesias’ dog Jack, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, appeared in the background and a fan wrote in wanting to know the pet’s favorite food.

“Whatever I eat at night, he’ll have, which is probably not good,” said the Hero crooner, admitting sheepishly that Jack “loves spaghetti.”

Interesting factoid: If you want to catch the pop prince lying on a beach, head to Spain, not SoBe. Enrique, who was born in Madrid, spilled that Malaga on the Costa del Sol is his favorite place to lounge.

About the new song, translated as “The Heart Hurts,” Iglesias, who turns 41 on May 8, explained:

“We can all relate to fighting with a partner and what’s cool about this song that we’ve all been in this relationship or know someone has,” said Iglesias, who has been with Anna Kournikova since first hooking up with the former tennis star on his Escape video in 2001. “We’ve all known that someone wasn’t the right person for you. That’s what music is about. Talking about love, falling in love, or sex.”