Hot stuff celebrities love: Brett Ratner’s whiskey, a new way to yacht

Boatbound ship for rent
Boatbound ship for rent


Cheers to filmmaker Brett Ratner, who recently launched his Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey at The Forge. The Miami Beach native’s 80-proof blend is named after the action director’s lavish home in Beverly Hills formerly owned by Ingrid Bergman. $39.99 for 750 ml.

Already a fan, as per Ratner’s social media is (drum roll) Monica Lewinksy.

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The booze has been a long time in the making.

Last year the X Men director sued Kentucky’s Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc. with a trademark lawsuit, claiming the bourbon maker has been threatening to block his plans to license the name of his historic “Hilhaven Lodge” mansion for the Diageo PLC product. Ratner was later granted his trademark.


Jewelry: Sometimes it’s a guy thing. When celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Joe Manganiello want to tap into their inner (and outer) bad-ass, they look to Australia-based designer Anthony Troiano aka AJT, best known for his hand crafted, oversized sterling silver skull rings with appropriately cool-meets-creepy ruby eyes.


Feel like showing off a little to your landlocked friends? With Seattle-based Boatbound — kind of like Airbnb, but on water — there’s no need to throw down major coin for a megayacht. Owners put their crafts up for rent; interested parties pay for a half or full day, with or without captain. It’s called faking it ’til you make it, folks.

Lesley Abravanel contributed to this report.