Miami electronica duo have cool Bedside manner

L-R: Trace Barfield and Travis Acker are Bedside.
L-R: Trace Barfield and Travis Acker are Bedside.

Electronic duo Bedside is bringing more to the music scene than just turntables.

Travis Acker and Trace Barfield are two musicians from South Florida adding their backgrounds in live bands to their Miami-inspired electro sound.

Acker started in jam bands, and Barfield recently finished a musical stint where he played funk projects as a street musician in New Orleans. Together they create a musical sound that stands on its own in the Miami music scene.

Acker and Barfield recently released their EP — One Night With You — just in time for Winter Music Conference and Ultra while playing all over town, including at hipster hotspot Bardot in Midtown.

Last Saturday, the guys performed at the first-ever Fractal Beach, an event presented by Massive Ideas, focused on conscious music and culture. Acker was on bass, Barfield on trumpet.

“What we do is about fusion. We had an idea of fusing electronic music with organic music. That’s what we do,” Barfield said. “The fusion of it is what we’ve always been after and it’s turned into what we’re doing now. I’m excited about it; it’s working.”

The twosome are becoming permanent players on the music scene and are slowly releasing tunes while packing an audible punch. They also work on collaborating with other local acts bringing a wider awareness of the range of local talent.

“My goal for Bedside is that we’ll be one of the strongest productions teams in Miami,” Acker said. “There’s a void and we’re ready to fill it and we’re ready to bring everyone else up with us.”

Bedside isn’t rushing to make it just to become another forgotten musical trend. They’ll be releasing another EP in six months.

“When it comes to music there’s a lot of factors involved,” Barfield said. “Strategy is a main thing, doing it right — every move we make is a chess game and very well thought out. I couldn’t think of a better place to start this project than Miami. We’re super excited to be here.”