Kimora Lee Simmons, still in the fab lane, designing fashion line

Kimora Lee Simmons .
Kimora Lee Simmons . ASSOCIATED PRESS

Shopper’s delight: Kimora Lee Simmons is inviting you to talk fashion over a few cocktails at Bloomingdale’s Aventura from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday. The former model turned designer is showing off spring/summer pieces from her eponymous line during an exclusive preview. Simmons is a busy working mom, and we do mean busy — the 40-year-old gave birth 10 months ago to a boy with her third husband, investment banker Tim Leissner. The St. Louis-born model also has a son, 6, with actor Djimon Hounsou and two teen daughters with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. We spoke to the former star of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, who splits her time between L.A. and NYC.

Can you talk about what attendees we will be seeing at Bloomingdale’s?

This collection for me is everything. It says, ‘I want to go to work and I wanna have fun.’ There’s a versatility central to my designs that is important to me and my customers. It will take you from day to night. We’ve got a slim pencil skirt, geometric-inspired shorts, lots of separates, even some color blocking. It’s all about mixing and matching and all very wearable and chic, to be dressed up or down.

How does your label fit into the Miami scene?

Women there are social, going out for cocktails and to dinner parties, but they’re also working, getting the job done. Many of my things are colorful and beautiful and flattering and clean and sleek. I don’t think you have to have everything hanging out or have a lot of skin showing to feel sexy. I’m not dressing for the size 2’s out of the world. I just had a baby so I know how to hold together my garments!

Which fashion designers inspire you?

I come from a high-fashion background, working for Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld when I was a teenager in Paris. So I do love the way Chanel is put together. The tailored dress with costume jewelry — that’s a whimsical look. And then there is the signature, busy tweed jacket — it just works.

Mother of four. Successful fashion line. Makeup, too. How are you pulling it off?

You know, I like to stay busy. With me being KLS, and with my ADD and OCD, there are a lot of initials there [laughs]. I’m always creating new things — from books, TV, branding. I don’t know it it’s the whole body in motion stays in motion thing. It’s like all women; we’re all juggling. People who do it, enjoy it. It’s part of our insanity, or at least that’s what they tell me. Your craft is what drives you. The voice in our heads keeps us going.

Limited seating to the event is available. RSVP required: 305-792-1213.