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Jo Malone London’s new fragrance collection is called Herb Garden
Jo Malone London’s new fragrance collection is called Herb Garden


Do you remember when we were kids and popped the hot pink tablet that tasted like candy but turned your mouth fuchsia to show plaque? We now have the 2016 version of that -- with a new and first-of-its kind toothpaste, containing plaque-indicating dye that turns the plaque on your teeth teal… and only disappears once you’ve brushed it all off. Get Plaque HD on


If you could use a little health and fitness in your life, Barry’s Bootcamp is teaming up with celebrity trainer Marco Borges for “The Best Self(ie) Ever,” a food and fitness challenge based on Borges’ nutrition plan from his bestselling book, “The 22-Day Revolution.” Join in the “fun” by eating one plant-based meal per day, then posting an Instagram photo of your chow, using the hashtag #BarrysMia22Days, and you’ll be eligible to snag a free month of classes at Barry’s.


What are U.K. celebrities cozying up to this spring? A new Jo Malone London fragrance collection called Herb Garden. The five limited-edition scents were inspired by the plants grown in a traditional English herb garden, from zesty thyme to sweet wild strawberry and lavender. That’s not the only allure: The bottles are keepsakes, decorated with herbs.