Kate Hudson: I had a happy, grounded childhood

Kate Hudson at Rusty Pelican for IWOT Business Women of the Year Awards Friday Feb 19
Kate Hudson at Rusty Pelican for IWOT Business Women of the Year Awards Friday Feb 19

Kate Hudson is a “multihyphenate” to the max: actress, mother of two, designer, now author. The vivacious beauty, 36, visited the Rusty Pelican last week as the headliner for the Organization of Women in International Trade’s International Business Woman of the Year Awards. Hudson discussed growing up with her famous family (mom is Goldie Hawn, stepdad is Kurt Russell), her busy career (which includes co-founding a line of athletic wear, Fabletics) and being a single mom.

What was your childhood like with movie stars as parents?

It wasn’t exactly normal but as grounded I think as you could get. They moved us out of L.A. to Colorado [outside Aspen] when we were very young. We were outside riding dirt bikes, hiking, being in nature, doing chores. I actually have pretty tough parents. We are a very open family, we put everything on the table. Nothing was swept under the rug. Manners, politeness, working hard: Those were all things they took very seriously.

Your breakthrough role came in “Almost Famous” when you received an Oscar nod for best supporting actress. Are you still enjoying the process?

I love making movies. It’s a weird world when you’re on set, almost like a circus with a fantastic group of people. Some people find it boring. I’m into it. Not everyone gets into the business to be the rom-com girl or the dramatic indie [queen]. I want to do everything.

Talk about your lifestyle book, “Pretty Happy.”

I’m an avid reader of self-help books, instructional books, cleansing books. All of it. I know the word ‘holistic’ throws people off a little, but that’s how I see this book. I am taking a whole approach looking at health my way, which is not necessarily perfect, but perfect for me. I get asked a lot: ‘How are you and your mom so happy all the time?’ I mean, we’re passionate. We have a lust for life. We’re pretty happy. But if you saw the movie Inside Out, you can’t have joy without sadness. They don’t exist without each other. So I think ‘pretty happy’ is a great place to be. Happiness is so subjective to one’s own experience.

What is the takeaway?

I feel what is most attractive is a woman’s inner confidence. I don’t care what she looks like. If she feels good about herself, and she’s healthy and strong and mindful, that’s the most magnetic thing. Make realistic goals to achieve them. Take the path to what makes you feel good.

Do you like visiting Miami?

I love it! My hair’s curly. My skin likes the humidity — I mean, I have a few pimples now because I’m tired [giggles], but I respond to everything here. My DNA may have something. I want to put on a little dress and go salsa dancing!

How are your sons doing?

Ryder is 12, a tween, basically a teenager [sighs]. It’s kind of awesome, though. I’m loving this puberty stage. It’s hilarious to watch him do his hormone thing. I’m like, ‘You need to go to your room and punch a pillow.’ My little one Bing is 4, an age you want to bottle. He’s a little man — just edible. I’m that mom who Facetimes them all day when I’m away.