Hedy Goldsmith’s sweet return

Hedy Goldsmith
Hedy Goldsmith

Hedy Goldsmith’s coming home! And for a yummy reason. The pastry queen — who impressed many a dessert eater during her stint at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink — is bringing her talents to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Goldsmith, who relocated last year to Los Angeles with her wife, luxury hospitality consultant Heidi Ladell, will be at Wine Spectator’s Best of the Best at the Fontainebleau Friday night. Look for the celeb chef over at the illy espresso tasting table, where the Philadelphia native will cook up batches of her salty sweet chocolate toast paired with espresso. Yesssss.

How are you doing out there on the West Coast?

Great! I wake up happy in LA. Living here has been a dream come true. Every day is beautiful and sunny. I feel so fortunate to have had the courage to make this move.

Do you miss Miami a lot or not so much?

I really have such wonderful memories of Miami, and yet I cannot say that I miss living in the 305. My life feels pretty complete out here. I miss Joe’s for stone crabs and my friends. I can overnight the claws and my friends visit me out here.

What’s the biggest difference between the two cities?

It’s impossible to answer this question in one or two sentences. It’s not fair for me to compare Miami and L.A. as they are so different in every way. The weather is great, dry and sunny — always a good hair day! I will say the architecture, the fashion, the culture, the healthy lifestyle and the amazing locally grown food blows me away.

How are the desserts? What’s the hot trend?

Two little words sum it up: Ice cream. Just saying! The best dairy I’ve ever worked with in my career. L.A. is in love with donuts done the right way with amazingly fresh seasonal fruit, local herbs, locally grown grains. I’m seeing rich buttery Brioche donuts, stellar cake donuts and my own Mochi donuts (gluten free). They are not reinventing the wheel out here but they are reshaping the wheel. The basics no longer taste basic but better.

Can you talk about the tasting you’re doing at the SoBe fest?

You’ll have to stop by the illy/Sweet Hedy Table to sample our collaboration. Let me leave you with this thought: Warm caramelized cinnamon-sugar toast topped with Domori Sur Del Lago Cacao chocolate from Venezuela. The remaining ingredients shall be a delicious surprise.

Are there any specific flavors in the espresso that bring out the chocolate toast flavors more?

I apply the same philosophy for tasting espresso and chocolate. The flavors complement one another. The combination of my chocolate toast and illy’s Guatemala MonoArabica — which encompasses notes of chocolate, caramel and honey — makes for just the right bit of acidity and a marriage made in heaven.

How are you still staying so slim with all the temptation?

Hard work, personal trainer, having love in my life and being really happy always helps.

Any other news to share?

Sweet Hedy online bakery might just welcome a brick and mortar little sister this year. Stay tuned, Miami!