Josh Groban gives advice to rising stars

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Before Josh Groban was a megafamous recording artist, he was an up and coming whippersnapper who got a little help from his friends at the YoungArts Foundation. Their relationship continues today; the L.A. native, 33 — a YoungArts Master Teacher and 1999 YoungArts Winner in Theater — will be feted Saturday night as an Arison Alumni Honoree at YA’s annual Backyard Ball at the organization’s Biscayne Boulevard headquarters.

We caught up with Groban before his trip:

What things do you like to do when you are in town?

I’ve been in mostly cold weather the last two months so I’m going to just try and enjoy some warm air on my face.

Did you make any resolutions for 2015?

I never do. I’m happy if on New Year’s Eve I can look back on the previous year and feel like I grew and moved forward in some way.

What advice do you give to rising talent?

Study to give yourself the tools and techniques to get you through any situation but also strive to find the quality that makes your voice different from the pack. Be the best you can be but not if it gets in the way of being the best you can be.

What is the current climate out there for young people looking to get into showbiz?

There are more opportunities because of all the social media outlets, but the noise is louder. The negativity is louder. So the ability to be brave enough to be special takes extra personal volume to shine through.

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Put some pants on, it’s almost showtime.

Who is your dream collaboration?

My brother Chris is a [video] director but played sax in high school, and my dad is in business but played trumpet in college. I’m seeing the makings of an awful, awful dream band. Can’t wait!

What other projects do you have going on?

I’m finishing up an album of songs from the musical-theater repertoire. It’s a labor of love that goes back to my high school and YoungArts days, and it will be out in a few months.