Celebrity trainer’s life hacks for 2016

Fitness expert Adriana Martin
Fitness expert Adriana Martin

Attention, resolution makers: Celebrity trainer Adriana Martin has some good news.

You don’t have to kill yourself getting fit and healthy this year.

“Just focus on one goal at a time,” says Martin, who just came out with new tips on her blog, as well as an e-book, RecetasFit, an easy-to-follow recipe guide in Spanish. “And do it for you, not anyone else.”

The fitness contributor on Univision Network’s Despierta America doesn’t subscribe to the belief that you should spend three hours a day at the gym. Especially if you’re time pressed (who isn’t?).

The busy mother of two only exercises 20 minutes a day about five days a week but makes sure to go hard.

“I really push it to the limit; no rest,” says the native Venezuelan, who lives in Plantation. “I go for higher reps and am still super sore. Your body doesn’t know the difference, just so long as you stimulate your heart and your muscles. When you finish it’s like a badge of honor.”

Back in the day, the former bodybuilder — who won season one of Lifetime TV’s trainer competition Mission Makeover — watched her food intake like crazy but remembers being hangry.

“I look at the old pictures of me and think, ‘Wow! I looked so awesome.’ But I remember not being so happy,” she says, laughing. “No one likes being hungry.”

Solution: Eating more of the good stuff.

“Staying on a diet is really hard,” says Martin. “Maybe for 30 days if you have willpower and 60 days if you’re really trying. You just can’t keep it up; it’s about changing your lifestyle.”

Martin’s favorite — and filling — recipe of late is pancakes made with oatmeal, egg whites, ricotta cheese and spinach.

“You get your protein and the good carbs,” she says. “You won’t feel like you’re missing out.”