Hot stuff in celeb circles


Any Golden Girls fans on your list? Have we got something for them: Granny panties, for realz. Handmade by Salt Lake City Etsy crafts lover Candice Pugh, the lacy undergarments feature pictures of the famously sassy old-timers and are sold in her BulletsandBees shop. “I’ve been daydreaming about making these for a while,” Pugh told The Huffington Post. “I finally just found time to whip them up.”


Looking for a new taste sensation around the holidays? Crafted in the small island of Chios, Greece, is FOS Mastiha, a clear spirit made from the resin of the so-called Crying Tree. The herbal digestif is richly sweet, with a small bite (56 proof), making it ideal for mixed drinks. Order it at W South Beach, Sardinia Enoteca in Miami Beach, Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle.


The weather outside really has been frightful lately, and if you left home without an umbrella (or boat), you were in trouble. If we get overtaken by torrential downpours again, best be prepared. Socially conscious company Roma Boots has some great styles, made of high grade, natural rubber with a double layer foot bedding for cozy comfort. For every pair sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need.