Makeup guru Lori Depp has a famous ex

Lori Depp
Lori Depp

Johnny Depp certainly has dated his share of lovelies, even getting engaged a number of times, but the actor has only been down the aisle a total of two times (he’s presently married to Amber Heard). Meet the first Missus: She’s Lori Depp, a celebrity makeup artist who still carries the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s last name. The two met back in the day while he was living in Miramar and playing with his ’80s garage band The Kids. These days, Lori (née Allison), who was born in Miami Beach and raised in Normandy Isle, recently started her own line of lip glosses, Serendeppity (get it?).

You are such a 305 person. Which schools did you attend?

I went to Treasure Island Elementary School, Nautilus Middle School, did a short sentence (felt like prison) at Miami Beach [Senior] High, then transferred to Abbott, a private, self -progressive school on Miami Beach. If you wanted to participate in phys-ed you were provided a surfboard since classes took place on the beach one block from school.

How did you become a makeup artist?

I wanted to become a recording engineer and became a regular fixture at Criteria Studios [now Hit Factory]. But one day I went target shooting and lost 80 percent of the hearing in my left ear due to not wearing the proper ear protection. I knew that pursuing a career in the music industry was out of the question, so I started doing makeup for up-and-coming photographers and then began getting paying jobs. I eventually got an agent at a high-profile artists’ agency in Los Angeles and started working nonstop.

What’s your go-to tool in your cosmetics tackle box?

Recently I was working on a short film called Recalculating, written and directed by one of my old Treasure Island Elementary School friends, Diane Fredel. As I was handing my mirror to Cloris Leachman, who has a cameo, I’d realized that I’d had the same mirror in my bag for 15 years. So many celebrities have looked at themselves while holding it. Jason Robards, Bonnie Raitt, Josh Groban and about 100 others. When I retire, I’ll frame it.

What is the hot look for the holidays in South Florida?

Stop with the over-contouring, use a good foundation, do a nice warm-looking smoky eye with a brown/black pencil or shadow, add some shimmery bronze or brown shadow, mascara, blusher and a bold lip if you can. Don’t worry about the “rule” of heavy eyes, light lips — it doesn’t always apply. My only rule when giving tips is do what you’re comfortable with; experiment if you want to but practice until you get it right.

What is Johnny Depp like in person?

Well, we all know he’s a talented actor and can pull off the pirate thing like nobody’s business, but he’s also an extremely talented guitar player and started out in South Florida playing the local Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale club circuit.