Lola James: a jeweler to the stars

Lola James jewelry designer Romi Alhalel
Lola James jewelry designer Romi Alhalel

Young Hollywood can’t get enough of the personalized necklaces by Miami designer Romi Alhalel, the creator of Lola James. Besties Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne each wear a portmanteau charm on theirs that says “CaKe.” Newlywed Lauren Conrad recently had a 14K chain made reading “Mrs. Tell.” Jenna Dewan-Tatum makes sure she always keeps her daughter close with “Everly” around her neck.

We spoke to Alhalel, a graduate of University of Florida who was born in Cape Town, South Africa, raised in Atlanta and now lives in Miami.

How did you get into jewelry making?

Initially, it was just a creative outlet, but soon my friends started wanting what I was wearing. From there, my line began evolving and what started out as a hobby quickly became my business.

Why do you think women go crazy for personalized jewelry?

I think they love possessions that have a story that is meaningful to them. I am always amazed at the mixture of clever, funny and heartfelt orders we receive.

What are some trends you are spotting for winter/spring in Miami?

I’m seeing more and more ear cuffs.

What other news do you have?

My collection has evolved over time. We started out with a few pieces, then I decided to make a full collection of fine jewelry because my clients kept asking for it. I am really excited.