Adrienne Bosh brings Paris to SoBe

Adrienne Bosh in Paris
Adrienne Bosh in Paris

Brace yourself, South Beach. Adrienne Bosh is about to paint the town pink. The wife of Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has been knee-deep in tulle preparing for the highly anticipated opening of Sparkle and Shine Darling on Monday. The concept? Think boutique-meets-event space, planned to be as effervescent as the champagne served. Packed with girl power and glitter, the concept formed when Chris planned an inspiring Paris getaway for her and her girlfriends. Now the store is slated to open Monday.

What inspired you to create S&SD?

One afternoon [in Paris], my friends decorated our suite’s balcony with treasures they had collected and secretly toted from home. The space had been transformed into a spectacular, vintage-themed Parisian champagne tea party. That entire experience — the quality time with my girlfriends, the glamor of dressing up, the glitz of a beautiful place, the excitement and awe — had me on top of the freaking world. I wanted to bring that experience and that feeling to other women.

What is your favorite way to celebrate with your girlfriends?

Being present. Celebrating women is so important in today’s world. We celebrate by just being by each other’s side, whether it’s for dinner, grabbing drinks, a shopping run, celebrating a birthday or even just a daily text to remind each other how much we are loved.

If you had to select one item to leave the store with, what would it be?

I’m really loving my self-designed Sparkle and Shine Darling music cube — you’ll rarely find me without one.

Your cafe is filled with delectable treats — what is your favorite indulgence?

The macarons are certainly my little pieces of heaven.

When you’re not catching up with your gal pals, what’s your favorite date night to spend with Chris?

Anything from watching a live band to trying a new local food joint, as Chris and I are huge foodies. But no matter what, our dates always consist of laughing endlessly, bonding over our new memories, and coming up with new inside jokes.

You're a stiletto kind of girl. What’s the one pair of shoes you can’t live without?

My Tiffany Blue-bottomed wedding day Louboutins.

What have you learned about yourself since launching the store?

You can do anything you set your mind to. What started as a living room overflowing with vision boards clipped from the pages of magazines is slowly evolving into a reality and it feels so good. Although the journey can be a tough one, never stop following the glitter road!