Ruth Pointer’s so excited to perform

L-R: Sadako, Ruth’s granddaughter, Ruth, and Anita Pointer from The Pointer Sisters
L-R: Sadako, Ruth’s granddaughter, Ruth, and Anita Pointer from The Pointer Sisters

Jump (for My Love), Automatic, He’s So Shy, I’m So Excited, Neutron Dance.

Ruth Pointer knows full well how much you know and love the classic Pointer Sisters songs from back in the day. The 69-year-old singer feels the same way.

“You know, I think I enjoy them more now than when they were really, really hot on the radio,” she says by phone from her home in Massachusetts. “It’s a strange thing. For so many people in our age group it brings back specific memories. Your favorites are our favorites.”

Attendees of the 28th Annual ShowBoats International Boys & Girls Clubs’ Rendezvous gala Saturday night on Fisher Island will get to hear the classics during an hourlong-plus concert by The Pointer Sisters, which now includes Ruth’s granddaughter Sadako Johnson and Ruth’s daughter Issa Pointer often filling in for Anita. (One of the trio’s founding members, June Pointer, died in 2006; Bonnie started a successful solo career in 1977).

Ruth is amazed that she still hears their songs from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s coming through speakers when she’s out at public places like the mall.

“We had no idea what we were creating,” she says. “We were just enjoying what we were doing and liked the lyrics. Who knew they would last this long?”

The Oakland, California, native thinks the hits’ uplifting nature is the hook.

“I mean, they’re fun,” Pointer says of the group’s many chart toppers. “I don’t like to be too critical or judgmental of today’s artists, but I don’t hear a lot of happy songs. Some are kind of depressing, and others are downright mean and degrading. We left a lot to the imagination. We wanted you to have a good time and to forget about your problems.”

For a senior citizen who is on the cusp of entering her seventh decade, Ruth looks fantastic.

“I try to eat right, that’s the first thing,” she explains. “For many years I had what I consider an eating addiction. For a long time I used alcohol and drugs to balance my weight. Once I gave it up I started eating like a maniac. For the last few years, I’ve been on a program that works for me: three meals a day, no snacking. No carbs or sugar. If I can throw in a little exercise on top of all that, I’m good.”

Her strict regimen means she’ll be able to slink into a tight gown. Known for their classy meets flashy outfits, The Pointer Sisters will not disappoint at the charity event.

“We try to keep the excitement in our costumes,” she said, adding Norma Kamali is still the ladies’ favorite designer. “She is current, traditional, cool and her fabrics hold. We don’t have to iron or mend a lot and they look good!”

Ruth was looking forward to basking in some warm weather while in the Miami area.

“We always love being in South Florida. I’m a California girl by birth and spent many years in Malibu and Beverly Hills. That’s kind of where my spirit lies — with the sunshine. We had some raging good times there too.”

Tickets are $500 per person and available at