Hot wedding trend: ‘La Hora Loca’

Mariana Rodriguez and Jose Hurtado with two of Black & Wine Events’ performers for “La Hora Loca” at their wedding.
Mariana Rodriguez and Jose Hurtado with two of Black & Wine Events’ performers for “La Hora Loca” at their wedding. Courtesy of Mariana Rodriguez and Jose Hurtado​

Mariana Rodriguez and Jose Hurtado were not prepared for their wedding to turn a little wild. But it did.

Rodriguez’s sister surprised the newlyweds at their reception with La Hora Loca — Spanish for “The Crazy Hour” — an hour-long show where performers wear flashy outfits, resembling those from Brazil’s carnival, and pass around glowing lights, party hats and masks to encourage guests to dance.

“We saw these people in stilts with a lot of colors and feathers,” Rodriguez said. “When we saw them, everyone started clapping. It gave the party an even better twist.”

Elda Brouwer, a wedding director at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne, who has overseen more than 2,000 weddings, said La Hora Loca is proving to be a hot trend in South Florida.

“Everyone wants to do a La Hora Loca show,” Brouwer said. “Here in Key Biscayne, we have a lot of Hispanic weddings who would do it, and lately, I see it’s becoming famous within the American market as well.”

Most people say the trend started in such South American countries as Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and Brazil. But Gregori Laviosa, founder of the entertainment company Black & Wine Events, disagrees.

“The concept was born in Spain, and then it became international and spread to different cultures and party people,” he said.

The show is heavy on Latin themes. Conga lines, Spanish music, maracas and colorful party-favors, like hats and masks, are all part of the party.

Black & Wine Events and other South Florida entertainment companies like Sunflower Entertainment and 84 Studios offer the show in production packages, which can cost $50 to $2,000, depending on the number of performers.

Jessica Alvarez-Dieguez, founder of Sunflower Entertainment, said much of her business comes from company events.

“We’ve done parties for Samsung, Bank of America, Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz’s corporate run and the Baptist Christmas parties,” Alvarez-Dieguez said. “Before it was only weddings and quinces, but now we’re making shows for graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and baby showers.”

Alvarez-Dieguez and her husband, Carlos Alvarez, started their company in 2001, after moving from Argentina to Miami. About five years ago, they scheduled five to seven shows per week. Today their business has had up to 11 shows in one day.

Brouwer jokes that La Hora Loca is exactly what it sounds like — “crazy.”

“I love trends, and I love to please my customers, so when they would explain to me what they were looking for, I caught on immediately,” Brouwer said. “It’s the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding.”

Amanda Rabines

South Florida News Service