Jennifer Lopez’s body and other things we are thankful for this year

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So you’re stuck in traffic once again, the diet is in ruins and there ain’t nothing going on but the rent. Sometimes it’s tough to feel thankful for life as you know it. But think again. We have so much to be happy about — at least when it comes to celebrities. Just a few examples off the top of our heads:

Kim Kardashian

Be thankful … the reality queen didn’t crash the Internet by posing in the buff as well as balancing inanimate objects on her derriere.

Miley Cyrus

Be thankful … the pop star has found herself a boyfriend (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and can twerk herself silly — in private.

Jennifer Lopez

Be thankful … God invented gyms so that 45-year-olds can bend it like J.Lo.

Anderson Cooper:

Be thankful … for those adorable giggle fits that add levity to often beyond depressing newscasts.

Tara Reid

Be thankful … no matter how disheveled you look, she will always, always be a hotter mess.

Bradley Cooper, Idris Elba, Ryan Reynolds et. al

Be thankful … their parents procreated.

Melanie Griffith

Be thankful … You aren’t sporting a blotchy, half-erased tattoo of your ex husband’s name on your arm.

Solange Knowles

Be thankful … the singer now opts to ride escalators.

The Giudices

Be thankful … the New Jersey Housewives couple will stop spending money they don’t have.

Robin Thicke

Be thankful … the randy R&B singer, who is now running rampant with a 19-year-old, isn’t the father of your child.

Honey Boo Boo

Be thankful … the show is canceled and you no longer have to witness anyone ever eating “sketti,” aka spaghetti and ketchup, ever again.

Amanda Bynes

Be thankful … You can pretty much count on her Twitter feed to add something useful to the daily watercooler chatter.

Jimmy Fallon

Be thankful … Tonight Show guests no longer sound boring and self serving in the silly comedian’s fun and interactive format. They sing! They engage in contests! They blush!

“Breaking Bad”

Be thankful … Walter White’s saga is not over, not by a long shot. AMC’s prequel, Better Call Saul, premieres in February.

There, that ought to take you right through the New Year. Feel better now? You’re welcome.