DIY reality star gets the job done

Carolina Sullivan, of DIY Network’s ‘Miami Flip’
Carolina Sullivan, of DIY Network’s ‘Miami Flip’ DIY Network

Every day she’s hustling.

In DIY Network’s new series Miami Flip, premiering 11 p.m. Wednesday, local resident Carolina Sullivan showcases her keen eye for buying low and selling high as she and her team gut outdated local properties and transform them — like, yesterday! — into gorgeously modern homes ready to sell for top dollar.

The Miami-based renovator does what it takes to get the job done as a full-time flipper. From plumbing to electric and roofing, there’s nothing the native Colombiana (who lives in the MiMo District) won’t tackle on her own. Just don’t get in her way; she’s a little on the feisty side.

How did you first start flipping houses?

I had some money saved up, and I was looking for a way to invest it to make a good return. Back in 2008 the housing market in Florida was at its lowest, and I bought my first house to renovate. That was the beginning of a new career when I realized that I could make a great living.

What is the most important thing someone in your industry has to know?

This business is all about numbers. You must be very knowledgable on average prices for any job in order to run an accurate budget for a renovation. It’s also very important to be an excellent negotiator because you can save a lot of money by subcontracting workers.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned along the way?

That hard work pays off. Also I have made it a point to be at all of my construction sites in order to make sure that everything is done properly. Sometimes I get frustrated because the work is very physically draining, but I can’t complain. I’m living the American dream, and I feel extremely accomplished. Not only do I run my own company, but I also have my own TV show!

Would you recommend it as a career?

Definitely. If done the right way it can be very profitable. You need to start off with a good amount of cash to invest or obtain a low interest line of credit and be very careful, because a bad deal can ruin you. This business is time consuming, and you’ll have to dedicate your full attention to it. It’s not as easy as it seems, but if you are motivated enough, it can be a great career path.