Dwyane Wade’s fashion night out

Getty Images for ESPY

If the whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, Dwyane Wade likely wouldn’t mind working in fashion full time.

The Miami Heat star, 32, has his own line of socks and bow ties (a new holiday collection just came out), and he’s accomplished the unthinkable: Back in 2011, he sat next to Vogue editor Anna Wintour front row at Fashion Week. Critical move. Wade was later featured in her style bible in a spread on athletes shot by Annie Liebowitz.

So that’s why Wade sounds so giddy — he gets to dress up for one of his favorite events Tuesday night: It’s the third edition of A Night on the RunWade, to benefit his Wade’s World Foundation, being held at Ice Palace Studios.

The big question on fans’ lips won’t be about his jump shot or myriad on-court skills, it’ll be: “Who are you wearing?”

As of Thursday afternoon, the exact ensemble that will grace that chiseled physique was still up in the air.

“I have my eye on a cool jacket,” says the basketball great, reached by phone. “But my stylist Caly [Barnett] will come up with about two or three outfits which I’ll say yea or nay to. Sometimes she brings me stuff and I’m like, ‘I don’t know about that,’ but it turns out to be successful so …”

An alternative to a button-down suit could be a sweater, weather permitting.

“We’re not a winter city, but that old-school cut is coming back,” predicts Wade, who is also loving fedoras right now.

One sure thing about the fundraiser — going toward local kids in need — it will be a good time.

“We all try to put on a first-class event,” says the newlywed, who will co-host with his lovely bride, Gabrielle Union. “First and foremost, it’s about helping the community, but we try to have fun as well. We want people to enjoy giving their money away!”

He’s also hoping to persuade a few teammates to strut their stuff.

“I’m trying to get some of the guys involved,” he says, laughing. “People like me, but I think they want to see some others out there too.”

So far, the LeBron James-less Heat is off to a good start, and the popular player is ready to get to work. But Wade admits the age factor is creeping in ever so slightly.

“In the NBA, every game is so grueling on your body,” the Chicago native says. “I’ve been around for a while now, so I’m always making sure that I am stretching and staying on top of anything that goes wrong.”

During last Wednesday night’s home game loss against the Indiana Pacers (81-75), the guard strained his hamstring slightly in the first quarter and was hyper vigilant, rehabbing right away.

“This is what you gotta deal with as an athlete,” he says simply. “You have to figure out what you can play and what you can’t and then get out there and get it done.”

Something else Wade doesn’t take for granted beside his health: his family and how cool they are with his crazy schedule during the season.

“Those that travel like we do, you have to give your family credit for being there, the patience that they show, the support,” says the author of A Father First, who recently gained custody of his nephew Dahveon Morris. “You have to work so much at your craft to keep it at that level, so I gotta hand it to them for dealing with me.”

One holiday they will all definitely be together is Thanksgiving. Wade’s got the day off.

“Well, I’m not cooking!” says Wade, who has a personal chef. “I’m gonna eat good, though. We’ll probably overdo it. My wife likes seafood more than I do, [sons] Zion and Zaire each likes something different. For me, it’s turkey, ham, chicken, whatever. I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my labor.”


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