Nathan Pacheco: Hear me out

Nathan Pacheco in a field
Nathan Pacheco in a field Handout

As lovely as Nathan Pacheco’s face is, his voice is even more heavenly. In the dramatic video for his rendition of composer Thomas Bergersen’s Soñera, we see Pacheco in a church belting his heart out in Italian. Isn’t it romantic? Sí, signore. Having performed with Yanni, Olga Tañon and Katherine Jenkins, the classical/crossover artist is now out there on his own. The 35-year-old tenor from Virginia has a date with the Arsht Center Friday night.

How did you get first get started?

My mom taught piano out of the home, so I’ve always been involved with music in one way or another. I studied classical piano and violin when I was young and then started taking classical voice lessons when I was a teenager. My first opportunity was with Yanni back in 2007. I worked with him for a few years on a project that became known as Yanni Voices. We composed together, recorded together and then I went on tour with him, performing in over 100 concerts in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. From that opportunity, a lot of other doors have opened up to me.

Who is one person who changed your professional life?

Leo Z, an Italian producer from Bologna and has been in L.A. for a few years now. I started working with him in 2010, and he has composed, arranged and produced many of the songs I’ve done since then. He’s always believed in me, and we work incredibly well together.

What words of wisdom have you found most valuable on your road to success?

It’s the small and simple things done on a daily basis that matter most. Whatever area in my life I want to make progress in, I keep learning that I just have to single out a few basic things in that area and do them consistently. It sounds simple, maybe even a little cliché, but it’s something that’s stuck out to me most lately.

Who are you listening to these days?

Between my playlist and songs or channels I’ll stream on YouTube: Time (from the movie Inception) by Hans Zimmer; Wake Me Up by Avicii; the Braveheart soundtrack. The list goes on and on. These songs or artists inspire me in different ways. I think Eminem is absolutely brilliant in his lyrics — always evoking a lot of emotion. Mumford & Sons is just good, fun music. The music from Braveheart makes me cry it’s so pretty. And Pavarotti? I don’t think there’s been a better tenor that’s lived on this earth. If so, point me in his direction!

What has been the most surreal moment of your career thus far?

Performing in Royal Albert Hall with Katherine Jenkins as part of her Christmas show in 2012. There was a choir of over 300 people, a symphony, then the Welsh guards playing brass, a children’s choir, etc. It was an amazing experience. And then during the concert, there was a part when the audience stood up and sang along to some familiar carols. It was literally a choir of thousands of people and the audience was singing full out. Experiencing that in that amazing hall was something else.

What else do you want readers to know about you?

I love life. I love to sing. I love people. And I love to connect with others through music. I hope as many people as possible can make it to the show. I promise it will be an evening to remember.

Tickets for Friday’s 8 p.m. show at the Knight Concert Hall:; 305-949-6722.