Pauly Shore grows up (a little)

Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore is a rare breed: He likes airports.

“I come early, get through security and take it easy,” said the comedian earlier this week from JFK en route to his home of L.A. “They have a lot of stuff to offer. I get a foot massage, go shopping. This is my life, this is what I do. I have to enjoy it, and I do.”

Said life involves touring for his stand-up gig, which the 47-year-old former MTV star will take to the Magic City Casino at 9 p.m. Saturday.

Red hot in the ’90s, starring in such big screen comedies as Encino Man, Son in Law and Bio-Dome, Shore is definitely more chill these days. His act — “Pauly Shore 2.0” — will incorporate his newfound mellowness.

“I definitely talk about where I’ve been, getting older, living in Silver Lake, meeting girls here and there, having a baby. Things like that.”

Wait. Having a baby?!

“I haven’t had one yet, but I’m ready. If it’s the right situation, yeah. I’m not getting any younger.”

Shore’s also had to grow up in the last few years helping to taking care of his 85-year-old mom. Mitzi Shore, who founded L.A’s famed Comedy Store, is ill with Parkinson’s disease. She played a large part in his 2014 Showtime documentary, Pauly Shore Stands Alone.

“It’s a nightmare; Parkinson’s is the worst,” said Shore. “It’s not curable, that’s the problem, but her insides are strong.”

Though Shore isn’t tearing up MTV or movies much anymore, he is passionate about his celebrity interview podcast, Interesting.

“It’s cool because it’s not about me,,” he says of the online show, which has featured various personalities, from musicians (Brian Wilson) to TV personalities (Montel Williams) and fellow comedians, including dear old dad, Sammy Shore. “The focus is on them. Any time they try to ask me questions, I turn it back around.”

Shore, who admires the talents of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Adam Sandler, doesn’t think it’s a good idea for comedians to be idle.

“Take Jerry Seinfeld. I mean, he was going to retire and now does Comedians in Cars with Coffee. These guys do that so they don’t kill themselves.”

Shore will keep doing stand-up as long as the audience will have him.

“I love it. I really do,” he said. “It’s not like I’m going out there because I can make all this money. I love writing new material and doing new stuff. If people like me, they should come see me.

“If they don’t like me, they should come see me anyway.”

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