Miami student belts it out on ‘The Voice’

Trae Patton/NBC

Korin Bukowski is doing her part to represent the 305 on NBC’s The Voice. The South Miami native and self-proclaimed serial private school attendee — she’s an alum of St. Thomas Episcopal and Gulliver Prep — impressed judge Gwen Stefani during the blind auditions enough to stick around on the talent reality competition. The No Doubt singer liked Bukowski’s tone, calling it “unique, interesting and weird,” after the 20-year-old belted out Cecilia and the Satellite by alt rocker Andrew McMahon.

Bukowski, who mentioned she was bullied in the past, is now letting her freak flag fly with pride.

When fellow judge Adam Levine called the contestant cool, with her glasses, long wavy hair and Boy George hat, she laughed and told him that she was anything but.

Levine’s response, “But the coolest people are not cool!”

Watch the University of Miami premed student during the show’s battle rounds starting at 8 p.m. Monday.

What you have done as a solo artist and what type of music do you prefer to sing?

It’s crazy, I know, but the only performing I have actually ever done was in a choir. The music I typically perform is alternative sounding. I used to sing more rock songs because my parents wanted me to sing rock [they were in a band called The Doctors] but it just didn’t really resonate as much as indie stuff. I kind of went my own way.

How did you choose your blind audition song?

The lyrics have a lot to do with being lost and finding yourself through something. Like for Andrew, it was having his child, and for me it was accepting a lot of aspects in my life that were going wrong a long time ago. I felt that I could portray emotion through the song and touch people’s hearts when I sang it. And I hope that’s what happened, but that’s what the goal was.

You mentioned on the show that throughout your life you had people telling you that you couldn’t do it, that you wouldn’t amount to different things. How are you feeling these days?

It has been indescribable. I’m like shaking. Just the response that I have been getting is just so overwhelming and so I feel so blessed and thankful. But yes, I had, like, about seven years of nonstop abuse in school and it’s almost like a huge weight just lifts off your shoulders. It’s kind of like a “Finally!” moment. I don’t even have words to describe how thankful I feel.

What do you want to tell your Miami fans?

I want to tell them that I am so excited to represent Miami, and I’m so excited to hear from all of them and grateful for their support.