Jason Patric wins custody round; Khloe Kardashian OK with Kris Jenner dating


In related news, NBC’s “Nightly News” weather forecaster Mike Seidel did not relieve himself on live television. Brian Williams said on Monday’s broadcast that Seidel was hunched over in the snow to dial his phone during a segment on a snowstorm in North Carolina Saturday. Anchor Lester Holt introduced Seidel, who apparently could not hear him or know that he was on camera. Holt quickly ended the report. The clip spread online.


Sigh of relief for Jason Patric. After a two-year battle with his ex girlfriend Danielle Schreiber, the actor was declared the legal father of his 4-year-old son, according to TMZ. The ruling opens up the opportunity to seek custody and visitation rights. Gus was conceived via IVF using Patric’s sperm, but Schreiber maintains The Lost Boys star, 48, made his donation after they broke up and told her he would have nothing to do with the child. She also told Rolling Stone that he was physically and verbally abusive; the actor countered with a statement saying her allegations were false.


Khloe Kardashian, for one, approves that her mother has moved on. Kris Jenner, 58, has been pictured getting touchy feely with Corey Gamble, the 41-year-old co-manager of Justin Bieber. “It’s weird when your parents date,” Khloe told “They should be with someone and be happy.” It is unclear who Kris’s estranged husband Bruce Jenner is dating; he seems to be into his own self-improvement lately. Khloe insists the exes are amicable. “There is no bad blood between them. They were married for like 23 years. Things fizzled out.”