Joe Manganiello: ‘Magic Mike XXL’ better than the original

Getty Images for SCAD

Too bad, so very sad. True Blood star Joe Manganiello did not attend the gala for The Palm Beach International Film Festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary Saturday night. In the flesh, anyway.

The 37-year-old actor had to pull out of his scheduled appearance, due to a “unforeseen production delay” on his current movie Magic Mike XXL, which is shooting in nearby Georgia.

Manganiello did, however, tape his acceptance speech for his career achievement award. In the video shown to cheer up crestfallen guests, Mangianello apologized and explained that he didn’t get to finish his scene with Andie MacDowell even though they shot until 5 a.m. Halloween night. He also gets some ribbing from his costars, including CSI: Miami’s Adam Rodriguez.

“This means I’ve done something,” he said of the award. “But it also means I’m getting old, which is bittersweet.” He also promised to make it down for the Palm Beach fest, being held March 26-April 2, 2015. If he doesn’t, next time we want a hologram.

Reached on the phone Monday from the set in Savannah, Georgia, Manganiello wanted readers to know all the hard work the guys are putting in for the Magic Mike sequel will be worth it.

“The first movie was like the appetizer, this is the main course,” he promised of the male stripper/road trip tale he described as “Animal House on wheels.”

“This is probably the most daring studio film that’s been made since the ’70s. It’s out there!”

Cowritten by Channing Tatum (who reprises his role as the title character), XXL is set for a July 4 opening so consider your holiday weekend planned.

Also getting buzz: Manganiello’s documentary La Bare, described on as an insider’s look at the history, lives and culture of a Dallas male strip club, which also has a South Florida cousin. You can watch it on Netflix. Manganiello made the film while researching his role as “Big D--k Richie” on the first Magic Mike; girlfriend Sofia Vergara tweeted La Bare is already an Oscar qualifier.


Saturday night’s Make A Wish ball at the Intercontinental Hotel brought out an unlikely star: Wayne Newton.

The veteran Las Vegas entertainer was tucked away in a corner of the party space holding court alongside wife of 20 years, Kat McCrone (the couple are longtime friends of gala head, restaurateur Shareef Malnik).

The so-called Midnight Idol — who some guests commented was taller and more preserved than they expected — was in a great mood, smiling and drinking in all the colorful sights of the Oz-themed gala.

“What’s the secret to your staying power?” Newton was asked. “It’s simple, I tell you,” said the 72-year-old singing legend. “It’s the work. The working keeps me young.” His next gig is this weekend in Beverly Hills.

“We’re all over the place,” said Newton, laughing.

As for McCrone, she said she was enjoying all the fashions at the party. The former lawyer is opening a clothing and accessories store in Lakeside, Montana, according to


November isn’t skin cancer awareness month, but Adriana De Moura wants to make sure South Floridians stay mindful and go for checkups with their dermatologists.

The former Real Housewives of Miami star, 48, announced that docs found a mole on her forehead that turned out to be basel cell carcinoma. It was removed and fortunately, the cancer has not spread.

“I was surprised because I have an olive skin tone, dark hair, dark eyes,” said the married mother of one. “And I always wear sunscreen.”

Doctors told De Moura that this type of skin cancer is most likely caused by sun she was exposed to as a child growing up in Brazil.

“This experience has put a lot of things into perspective,” said the model. “Most of us act as if we are immortal, and we act as if we are going to live forever, we care about achieving things and getting some more material stuff, but when you become aware that life can be easily taken from you, you can’t help but ask yourself what your priorities should be.”