Anna Kendrick plays dress-up

Kendrick Getty Images

Anna Kendrick is in the holiday spirit.

“I want it to be Christmas already! I just want to throw a soiree,” the bubbly actress said during a recent Associated Press interview.

Kendrick certainly looked the part, wearing a red, sleeveless party dress with a big, silk bow on the back.

The outfit from Kate Spade New York’s holiday collection is featured in the company’s upcoming advertising campaign starring Kendrick. But don’t call the 29-year-old a model.

“If I had for one moment considered it modeling, I probably would’ve had a freakout,” she said. “Weirdly, it felt a lot more like my day job.”

Along with the ads, Kendrick teamed with the brand for its 2015 “The Year of Adventure” campaign, in which she will collaborate on film and social media projects.

Did you have a favorite look from the holiday campaign?

I think it was this white swing dress that shows off your shoulders and has this beautiful embellished collar. That was just really fun to be in, and that was the first shot that we did that day. And just playing with my male models for the day was so much fun, just sort of twirling around in this white dress.

Where do you get your sense of style?

My mom was always a fan of just really elegant, sophisticated pieces. I mean, we grew up in Maine, so we didn’t have a lot of call for black tie or anything, but I think I definitely got that sensibility from her.

You started working with Kate Spade while playing Cinderella in Disney’s “Into the Woods.” What was it like balancing those worlds?

Well, these clothes are a lot more comfortable because (costume designer) Colleen Atwood is a genius, but she does not care if you can’t breathe. ... The costumes in that movie are so exquisite, and they’re completely authentic. ... It’s lots of layers, and somebody had to help me get dressed every morning because you can’t do up a corset yourself. So I felt like I was actually in Downton Abbey.

You have three upcoming musicals: “Into the Woods,” “The Last 5 Years” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” Coming from a musical theater background, is this your dream come true?

I was so excited when it started to feel like people are going to make movie musicals again. So I mean it wasn’t my master plan, but I’m really happy that that is a trend that is happening, and I hope it stays.

Your hit single “Cups” from the first “Pitch Perfect” film sold almost 3 million tracks. Would you like to record an album?

Hell no. The music industry seems scary to me. I mean, the film industry is crazy enough, so the music industry to me seems like the wild, wild west. Like I would just never dare.

The campaign is called “The Year of Adventure.” Are you the adventurous type?

I feel like I have some adventuring to catch up on because I’ve been leading this incredible, busy, beautiful life through my work. So I’m hoping to actually be with friends and family this year and maybe go someplace where I don’t have to make a movie for 14 hours a day.