Jewelry designer makes a statement

Alexis Dawn Geller’s mission is to amp up everyday wardrobes. The Fort Lauderdale native is the force behind Roxhouse, a new line of handcrafted jewelry for men and women. We let her explain:

When did you know jewelry-designing was what you wanted to do?

I attended graduate school at Barry University for a master’s in social work, but I have been creating jewelry since I was a child. I have always loved the way one accessory can change an entire outfit and can add another level of style, whether it be funky or dressy. Jewelry allows individuals to explore and express fashion in a subtle yet powerful way.

Who or what inspires you?

Fashion designers who think out of the box but stay within realistic parameters. I feel Alexander Wang exudes class, edge and expression. I also have a deep respect for Tory Burch. Her target audience is so expansive, and her collection is tasteful, accessible and comfortable.

What trends are you seeing this winter and beyond?

Right now, for men, it’s understated bracelets and necklaces. I’ve observed an influx in alpha males requesting a “cool” piece they can incorporate into a laid-back T-shirt-and-jeans outfit. “Statement pieces” are trending for women — a strong, powerful necklace or bracelet that provides the onlooker with an immediate idea of who this woman is and what she is about.

What’s next for you?

The future for jewelry is so open and inviting. Fashion designers have used anything and everything to create unique pieces. I foresee a continuation of using earthy and natural pieces such as gemstones and leather contrasted with hard metals.

What is your signature look?

Usually, I wear a mismatched necklace and bracelet. That seems to suit me better. Usually one of my pieces has one or many spiritual, energy-filled stones like smoky quartz. I am constantly exploring all genres and looking to bring in stones that are uncommon and currently sitting hundreds of miles deep in the mines from different, exotic countries.

Shop for Roxhouse at Sense Beach House hotel, SoFi Salon and in November UNKNWN at Aventura Mall.