Fantine a rising star, Todd Chrisley in town

Fantine Pritoula is a star on the rise. How do we know? Because Emilio Estefan deems it so.

The Russian-born, Australia-raised electro soul singer/songwriter is hard at work on her debut album, I Am Fantine, produced by Estefan. Two songs, Reservation For Two and Bachata De Rosa are already getting play on Latin radio.

Want more? The Brickell-area resident, 30, was so impressive at the Dolphins vs. Packers game on Oct. 11 that she was asked to sing the national anthem at a Crist fundraiser attended by Michelle Obama a few days later. “This week has been all about #girlpower,” Fantine, who is not politically affiliated with the former Florida governor, posted on Facebook.

Another side gig: a cameo playing a singer in the upcoming Estefan-produced film A Change of Heart with William Levy, Virginia Madsen and Jim Belushi. Described as a “Latino flavored comedy,” it was filmed completely in South Florida.

Catch Fantine before she gets too hot to handle at UM Maurice Gusman Concert Hall in Coral Gables at 8 p.m. Saturday as part of Festival Miami.

Tickets from $25 at or by calling 305-284-4940.


Imagine actress Ana Coto’s surprise when the first movie she ever costarred in, Ouija, debuted at No. 1 last weekend. The Our Lady of Lourdes Academy alum plays typical teen Sarah, who doesn’t realize how dangerous the spirits board is. Cue the scary music.

Actually, Coto, 24, was a perfect pick for the flick.

“I believe in a sort of afterlife,” said the L.A. resident while on a stop in Miami. “I believe in souls and in an energy much greater than myself that keeps the universe in motion.”

She’s also a fan of the horror genre.

“I love being scared and Halloween, too. I’m an October baby, with a birthday on the 17th, so this has always been my favorite time of year. I watch scary movies year round though. I’m a Hitchcock fan, Birds, Psycho, Rear Window. ... I like Japanese horror flicks from the 90s too. ... Ringu, specifically.”

Next up for Coto: a bit part on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!


If you’ve never heard of the USA Network reality show Chrisley Knows Best, star Todd Chrisley wants to change that fact.

The father of five made the rounds in Miami last week spreading the word about his show, which captures the glitzy life that the tightly coiffed, tightly wound businessman shares with his photogenic family in a mansion outside Atlanta.

“In a year, we sometimes spend $300,000 or more, just on clothing,” he says in the first episode of the show, which actually has its share of fans — and got renewed for a third season.

“Viewers have embraced the Chrisleys for their witty one-liners, laugh-out-loud moments and heartfelt everyday situations,” said USA prez Chris McCumber.

Could be the lighthearted comedy of it all: Chrisley is actually a pretty engaging and surprisingly humble guy. So what if puts a tracking device on his children’s cars and monitors all their texts and emails?

“We are a real family with the same heartaches, pains and challenges that all other families go through but we always manage to love each other through it,” said the real estate pro turned fashion mogul. “The only thing that has really changed is that we get recognized more when we go out. Other than that, our daily routine remains the same: crazy!

What can viewers expect from upcoming shows?

“My daughter Savannah starts dating, my son Chase turns 18 and thinks he is a grown man, there’s a big move and I ordered a chastity belt for my 70-year-old mother.”

Chrisley’s inspiration? Real Housewives of New Jersey spinoff Bravo star Caroline Manzo.

“I watch Manzo’d With Children because she is just like the female version of myself. She doesn’t take anyone’s s--t!”

USA can’t get enough: The network has set a half-hour Chrisley holiday special to air in December. Safe to say it won’t be a silent night.