Iggy Pop rocks new clothing line

Get ’em while they’re hot!

Punk-hard rocker Iggy Pop has very temporarily turned clothing designer. The 67-year-old Miami resident teamed up with Sailor Jerry Clothing to release his limited edition so-called Flash Collection. (“Flash” is tattoo speak for the images that clients pick out on paper before going through the permanent process).

We’re talking just three items — a denim vest, leather belt and patches inspired by late Hawaii-based tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, who got his nickname from inking his fellow sailors while in the Navy. Collins was also a mentor for Ed Hardy.

The former Stooges frontman (who was chosen due to his “rebellious approach to life,” says the company) made the rounds:

How did you first get involved with this venture?

Well, I’m not a fashion designer, but I’d known about Norman Collins’ work, plus my dad served. I had some exposure with the tattoo culture, growing up in Michigan and had a couple of friends who were bikers. I thought, ‘Let me put my two cents in here.’ I also loved Sailor Jerry’s ad for their spiced rum; that’s kind of what got me hooked. The TVEye spot plays Outside the Lines by the original Stooges. It was great to get that song exposed. I mean you’re not going to hear that on Kiss FM! They hired nonactors kind of freaking out to the music in a way of which I approve.

Do you actually have any tattoos?

You know, I can appreciate them, but I never wanted to get tatted myself. It’s not right on me. I’ve got my own scars.

How do you like living in Miami?

There are a lot of beautiful nooks and corners in this town. I came down here in 1970 for an Edgar Winter concert; he and I were talking about maybe hooking up. But soon as I got here, my eyes just popped. I thought, ‘How can I get back to this place?’ It was just wonderful. It was different back then. South Beach, especially. All those old people were effing great. I started coming down in the mid-’90s, then finally planted some stakes.

Your body is still ripped beyond belief. How do you pull it off?

My secret is to know when to pull back. It’s kind of been like that my whole life. In the old days, I would shoot up on Monday but then on Tuesday I would do a mile of roadwork. On Wednesday, we’d take ’ludes, and Thursday I’d wake up in jail. I tell you, that’s a great way to lose weight! [Laughs.] You can’t get anything to eat! Later, like around age 35, s--t hit the fan. I thought, OK, I really gotta get out of this slump and learn how to go to bed early and do things right to stay alive. I gradually became healthier.

What is happening with your music?

I’m recording all the time. I worked on two songs with Japanese artist Tomoyasu Hotei on his new album. He’s amazing; his music [Battle Without Honor or Humanity] was in Kill Bill Volume 1. Our songs were heavily produced and so cool — big, bold, guitar-driven and ultra modern. I also recorded a song at South Beach Studios for a student movie by Alex Cox, who’s a professor at UC Boulder now. Years ago he directed Repo Man, and I had the title soundtrack on that. I mostly do stuff that people ask me to do.

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