‘Ouija’ star Bianca Santos ventures to the other side

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If you were ever freaked out playing with a seemingly “self moving” Ouija board as a kid on sleepovers, you may want to stay clear of Ouija, out Friday. You’ll get freaked out all over again. The movie follows a group of teens who get more than they bargained for when they try to contact a young woman who committed suicide. One of the film’s stars, SoCal native Bianca Santos (TV’s The Fosters, Happyland), was in Miami Wednesday to talk about her role. (Local starwatchers: Also look for Miami girl Ana Coto making her feature film debut in Ouija.)

Can you explain your character?

Isabelle is the friend who likes to live in the moment. She’s not so concerned with the future until she has a gut feeling that playing the Ouija board is a bad idea. She then becomes the voice of reason, constantly reminding the others this is a situation they shouldn’t tamper with. She ends up being right as they do make contact with something dangerous.

Did you have any experience with a Ouija board?

I’ve personally never played with one before. My mother — her usual superstitious self — would always warn me not to mess with those things. So I didn’t. Very similar to my character Isabelle’s sentiments.

Do you believe that they can conjure spirits?

I don’t know! I feel like I haven’t gathered enough proof either way. But at the same time I have a guard of respect to the fact that there could be something on “the other side” and I’d rather not risk anything bad happening.

Did anything creepy happen on set?

There was one instance where we had to call “Cut!” because of some mysterious noises. We were shooting in a house from the 1890s, and apparently footsteps were heard coming from the attic. When they checked to see if anyone was up there, they found no one. To this day no one can explain what happened.

Do you have a favorite horror movie?

I’m not a big scary movie buff, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the classic, The Shining.

What are your Halloween plans?

I’m having a party. My friends and I are gonna do our own thing that night. I still need a costume!