World Cup champ gets her kicks at fitness wear launch

Kelley O’Hara at the W’s Under Armour event with SIX: 02
Kelley O’Hara at the W’s Under Armour event with SIX: 02 Maddy Marr

Let’s talk about bras.

U.S. Women’s National Team’s Kelley O’Hara was at the W South Beach hotel Wednesday night at an event held by new female-friendly brick and mortar store SIX:02 in Aventura fully embracing this important topic. As a fashion ambassador for Under Armour, the World Cup champ was enlightening attendees about her latest favorite accessory, the Armour Low Sports Bra.

“They are super comfortable and a little sexy,” said the soccer star. “The Low is perfect with just normal clothes and wearing for different type of impact sports. It also makes you look good, feel confident and cuts out distractions.”

Yes, O’Hara does do other activities besides soccer. The World Cup champ often partakes in yoga as well as high-intensity aerobics; the 27-year-old actually popped into a strenuous but “fun” class held at the W’s Wall nightclub earlier led by trainer to the stars Keoni Hudoba.

“I was really stoked to do that,” said O’Hara, who was born in Jacksonville and raised in Georgia. “I love to get out there and sweat and mix things up, whether I’m on the field or in the gym.”

She does admit to still feeling still a bit fatigued after winning the World Cup last month, the USWNT’s first such victory since 1999, defeating Japan 5-2 in Vancouver, and led by Miami-based coach Jill Ellis.

“I’m wonderful, but at some points, I’m tired,” O’Hara said. “But I’d rather be exhausted than not to have won! It’s been a whirlwind but amazing. I’m so thankful for what we did out there.

“You do get this adrenaline high from such an accomplishment, then when the stress of not thinking about it every morning has passed, you’re like, sigh. The dream has been realized so you have this interesting mix of emotions,” the wingback/midfielder continued. “The buildup was a mental and physical drain — preparing yourself for potentially the hardest championship of your life.”

O’Hara does admit to indulging in a slight bit of down time since the victory. And we do mean slight.

“I literally had two lazy days since the win, to be completely honest with you,” the Stanford grad said. “We did so much right after. Got to go to the ESPYs, which was so cool. But I’m in my natural habitat again — we started right back up into pro season.” (She plays forward for the National Women’s Soccer League club Sky Blue FC.)

As for what is being put into that ridiculously toned body: “I would say I eat pretty clean for the most part. Everything in moderation. I don’t deny myself. Hey, I enjoy doughnuts as much as the next person. I mean, maybe I’ll give them up for Lent or something [laughs].”

To start her action-packed day: it’s usually a smoothie and a coffee.

For inquiring minds: O’Hara likes her java strong: “I love a cortado — espresso with a little milk — they’re delicious.”

Asked if she has any advice for young girls who want to follow in her footsteps, O’Hara said to try a few sports first to see where your strengths lie.

“I started playing soccer when I was 4 because my sister was doing it. It was my first organized sport, and my parents thought this was a great way to get coordinated and be part of a team. I had an array of options but eventually figured out soccer was best for me.”