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Eek! You just snapped a selfie, and before posting it on Facebook, you notice some creases creeping in. Yes, your neck lines, kind of like a tree’s, are showing your age. You’ll be relieved to hear there is help out there. StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream contains NIA-114, a form of vitamin B3 (niacin) found to keep sagging at bay by helping retain natural collagen. $95, at


Adults aren’t the only preoccupied ones. Kids have their own (mini) concerns. To address new, complicated feelings, NYC artist/author Andi Green created a set of plushies called the WorryWoo Monsters. Dragon Nola tackles separation anxiety; Rue, a lion-like character, deals with insecurity; and Squeek, a creature with a trunk, knows all about shyness. Bonus: Books accompany the toys. Fans include moms Anna Chlumsky, Brooke Burke and Sarah Jessica Parker. Local retailers:


You’ll forget about all the construction bustle on Alton Road when you step inside the oasis that is the McAllister Spa. Reminiscent of a retro villa (with fireplace!), the luxe getaway offers a full line of modern services: extensions, express blowouts ($25), makeup touches, manis/pedis, massages, the works. P.S. No mad foraging for parking; it has a private lot.


Holiday shoppers with a limitless budget and taste for opulence could spend $425,000 for a trip to the Academy Awards. That’s one of the lavish items included in the annual Christmas Book by Neiman Marcus. The Dallas-based retailer’s book includes 10 “fantasy gifts.” The “his and hers” special is a “quadski,” a cross between an ATV and personal watercraft for $50,000. More pedestrian fare is a hand-enameled tiger’s head for, oh, just $6.5K.