Hot stuff in celebrity circles

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In true celebrity form, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is jumping onto the lifestyle bandwagon. On the new website you’ll find the popular comedian’s top picks of “mid-level” priced clothes, accessories and home goods all in one spot. “ED,” pronounced “Ed,” is wife Portia De Rossi’s nickname for DeGeneres, who says of the site: “I want people to be able to express themselves in a very stylish yet comfortable and unique way.”


As if Dwyane Wade doesn’t enough on his plate. The Miami Heat player has hitched his star power to Naked underwear. The three-time NBA champ will serve as the Canadian brand’s creative director for a signature collection of “innerwear” set to launch next year. “What you wear underneath is the foundation for how you look and feel,” he says in a statement. We are so sure wife Gabrielle Union OKed this deal.


Psst, wanna know a secret? Some of Hollywood’s top makeup artists are using Westmore Beauty Lasting Effects Coverage Protector. The name is a little complicated but what it does is simple: stay put. The 2-in-1 foundation and concealer gives you that airbrushed look celebs covet. Use just a few dabs for a full opaque payoff. QVC.


Stay safe with a gadget that doubles as a keychain: The so called Ahh!-larm. If you need to holler for some help or just say back off, press the red panic button for a not-so-cute noise to alert others to your situation. The heart-shaped device also features a handy LED light.; 646-719-0640.