Miami nail artist lets her fingers do the talking

Latoya Parker
Latoya Parker

Crazy for manicures? This show’s for you. Nail’d It is a new reality competition pitting the 18 best up-and-coming nail artists against one another as they, um, claw their way to the top to win a grand prize of $100,000.

Premiering 9 p.m. Tuesday on Oxygen, Nail’d It is hosted by ex 3LW and The Cheetah Girls singer Adrienne Bailon (The Real) and features North Miami Beach’s Latoya Parker, who works at Creative Stylez Hair Studio.

Parker, 31, who is engaged, tells us she was recruited by the female-friendly network due to her 3D masterpieces posted on her Instagram account, @nailartaddict305.

How was the overall experience?

Amazing. The best thing about the show for me was the fact that I was even there. That was a big accomplishment for me, being able to showcase my talent. I had fun and I learned a lot.

What do you want readers to know about your profession?

They should see how much nail art has evolved into such an amazing must have accessory. It truly is art, and we are very serious and passionate about it. Call nail art the new tattoo, as in it is so trendsetting and you can tailor your manicure to fit you and your personality.

What was the biggest challenge of being on the show?

I had no idea how much went into production. The worst part was the long days, when you’re not used to that it can be a little challenging, and plus I was on a three-hour time difference [in L.A.], so I would find myself getting tired early. The toughest was probably the “Elimination Challenge,” where we had to re-create our opponents’ work because everyone had such individual styles.

Did you bond with the cast members?

I don’t know if I would say that I made friends, but I did meet two other amazing nail artists whom I have a lot of respect for and that I also learned from. The host, Adrienne, was cool — the fly chica that I thought she was. Very down to earth, which I loved, and funny as well.

What do your own nails look like?

I’m so busy I don’t get to change them too often. If they are done, I’m happy! I wear gel polish so I like my classic reds and pinks, but I also like bright fun colors so I will do electric blue or neon yellow and of course hot pink.

What trends are you noticing for fall?

I see that textured nails are becoming very popular — snakeskin and quilt-like prints. Hot colors are going to be your sultry warm colors, like your deep cranberries, browns, hues of dark blues and reds. But you can never going wrong with a nude.

How would you describe your style?

Very versatile. I can do very plain Jane to extreme, but it’s whatever the client wants. I love being creative and also being inspired.