Lawyer: Stephanie March not behind ‘Cheater’ plane that flew over Bobby Flay ceremony


Wasn’t her! That’s what Stephanie March’s lawyer is saying about the plane that flew over Bobby Flay’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony Tuesday. A banner trailing the plane read “Cheater,” but Deborah Lan told Us Weekly: “Stephanie is absolutely not behind” the stunt to embarrass the celebrity chef who received a star on the fabled street. The ex couple is engaged in a bitter divorce battle with March claiming in court papers that Flay had affairs during their 10 year union, including one with actress January Jones.


A man sentenced to a mental health facility for stalking actress Mila Kunis was recaptured in Santa Monica, four days after he escaped from the institution. Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s major crimes division took Stuart Lynn Dunn into custody in an alley about a half-mile from the beach.


Jada Pinkett-Smith is bringing up her unique 17-year marriage to Will Smith again. Speaking on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, the 43-year-old actress wouldn’t say if their arrangement is open, as is rumored, just that she is “not his watcher.” Pinkett Smith also told Stern that she advised her kids not to ever get married.


Billy Joel is about to prove he’s the top piano man at Madison Square Garden by beating Elton John’s record for the most performances at the famous New York City arena. Elton John has played 64 shows at the Garden. Joel is poised to tie that record this month, and on July 1, would surpass him at 65 shows. Joel has been performing at the Garden each month since 2014 and promises to continue as long as fans demand it.