‘Dancing Beardo’ is burning up the Internet with his moves. Of course he’s a Florida man

Mike Alancourt/1 Vibe Dance
Mike Alancourt/1 Vibe Dance

If you don’t know the name Mike Alancourt, you likely will soon.

The Jacksonville, Florida, dancer is burning up the Internet with his fancy moves.

After his school, 1 Vibe Dance, posted a video of him leading a crew to Post Malone’s “Wow,” people couldn’t get enough: Roughly 23 million souls, give or take, viewed the lively clip.

Even megastar Will Smith was impressed, giving the performer a shout-out on social media. Malone did too, calling the routine “f-----g awesome.”

Despite being bald with a gray beard, Alancourt is only 43.

“I think part of the initial impetus was that a lot of people thought I was 60,” laughed Alancourt on Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

It seems age is just a number in this case. He truly enjoys his craft and it shows.

“Honestly, I just love dancing so much. I have such a good time in the video,” he said. “That’s what people were connecting to, and apparently, 23 million people just wanted to have a good time with me for a minute.”

Speaking of a good time, Alancourt got flown out to Phoenix to join Malone at his concert on Sunday after the “Psycho” singer invited him via video on DeGeneres’ program.

TMZ reports Malone stayed true to his word and put the rising YouTube star, referred to as the “Dancing Beardo,” in his “Wow” video.

1 Vibe posted his clip with the caption, “And then this happened.”