Nicky Hilton: From hotel heiress to fashion queen

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Got a fashion emergency? Fret not as Nicky Hilton is here to help. The hotel heiress and sister of Paris Hilton shares her fail-proof approach to dressing with her new book, 365 Style. chatted up the newly engaged celebrity on her tome, tricks and more. And, no, you don’t need the mammoth bank account of a Hilton to dress with finesse.

Congrats on penning your first book! What inspired you to write “365 Style”?

I’ve always loved dressing up. For me fashion is a form of expression and your chance to show the world what you’re all about. I’ve been on the fashion scene since I was a teenager modeling. Soon after, I started designing handbag, jewelry and clothing collections.

Describe the book for those not in the know.

365 Style is a fashion guide full of tips and tricks that I have acquired over many years in the fashion industry. The book offers advice for many different occasions, from a first date to traveling and music festivals. I want readers to find their personal style and have also included my tried and true methods for drawing inspiration from daily life.

From red carpets and runways to front row at Fashion Week, you’ve been on the fashion front lines since childhood. What is your No. 1 tip for looking great?

Be original! Don’t be a slave to trends so you look like every other girl walking down the street. Create a signature look that is yours and sets you apart.

The title of your book has a double meaning in the sense your formula for creating your signature style is as easy as 3-6-5. Describe this plan.

I created the 3-6-5 method to simplify your wardrobe and works with every season. The 3 is the most common occasions you dress for. For example, my 3s are day casual, business attire and special events. The 6 refers to clothing staples for that season, such as sweaters and skinny jeans. Lastly, the 5 is the accessories. If you follow this formula it will ensure your closet is on trend, full of must-haves and keeping you out of hoarder status.

Let’s talk fun. What brings you the greatest joy?

Balance. When things in my personal and professional life are going well, that makes me happy.

What is on your feet right now?

Balenciaga ballet flats.

What is on your bookshelf?

Lots of biographies and my fiancé’s [banker James Rothschild’s] collection of World War books.

What makes you laugh?

Really silly, childish things.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Anything from David Guetta.

Do you have a secret talent?

I’m an amazing pizza chef. I’m loving my new pizza maker I ordered online.