‘I’m so disgusted by what happened’: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star involved in fight on plane

“Vanderpump Rules” star Brittany Cartwright had an unfortunate travel experience on Sunday.

The reality star tweeted that there was a situation with a fellow passenger aboard her Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami.

The post explains what went down: Cartwright claims she was in the first class bathroom when a woman began shaking the door handle.

Upon exiting the bathroom, Cartwright says, she pointed out the “vacant” and “occupied” sign to the woman and went back to her seat, where she could hear the woman talking about the incident and “making fun” of her.

Once they touched down in Miami, the 29-year-old said that the woman waited for her to disembark and then approached Cartwright aggressively, pushed her and grabbed her by the hair.

Later, the model realized there was gum stuck in a few strands in the back, and took a picture of it.

“I’m so disgusted by what happened to me today,” wrote the Kentucky native, asking Delta to “take the necessary measures, defending what is right.”

When a commenter asked the Bravo star why Delta should get involved, Cartwright wrote: “How would you feel if you were assaulted in the middle of a huge airport and not one worker there came to help?”