Two Bachelorettes go head to head in Season 11

Kaitlyn Bristowe, left, and Britt Nilsson
Kaitlyn Bristowe, left, and Britt Nilsson Kaitlyn Bristowe, left, and Britt Nilsson

And then were two — because Bachelorette producers deemed it so. Yes, folks. On Monday’s 8 p.m. premiere of the ABC matchmaking reality hit, we will see two former contestants from Chris Soules’ season, L.A. waitress Britt Nilsson and Canadian dance instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe, team up to find the love of their lives (well, only one woman will remain standing to offer a rose in the end). We spoke on a conference call to Nilsson about how it worked out.

Was it a tough decision to do the show?

Yes, it’s a huge decision. So I did take time to think about it. Overwhelmingly, I just felt like it was the right decision. I felt like it was the next step. I kind of saw love happening on the first season, and I felt like it was an amazing opportunity. I wanted to weigh it out because it is such a big deal, but I felt like it was good from the beginning.

A lot of ‘Bachelor’ nation went crazy on social media over having two bachelorettes saying it was unfair for both of you because you had already faced rejection. What’s your stance?

It’s interesting. I did hear people say that, and I’ve been asked that a lot. When they told me there was two, I didn’t see it as sexist or degrading at all. I didn’t think it had to do with us being women. I just thought that they couldn’t decide so there was two. I thought of it as a compliment.

On the first night did you feel pressure going against Kaitlyn or did you do your own thing?

Honestly, I mean, the situation is nerve-wracking just because you’re going to meet 25 people and they’re there for you. And yes, Kaitlyn is awesome; she’s also a little bit intimidating. But when looking for like a life partner, it’s — I can’t do it wrong. All I can do is be myself.

Did you kind of have a game plan going into night one?

My strategy is just to try and just be myself. And I had a pretty positive feeling about it so there was not a lot of fear going into it. It was: Talk to these guys and try to be as pleasant as possible, even though the situation is overwhelming. Try to let them know who I am and understand who they are too.

How did you two get along?

You know what? It actually ended up being pretty cool that we were there. We were pretty good before, sort of hanging out toward the end of Chris’ season. And Kaitlyn’s amazing. There were a lot of moments where we would just kind of look at each other like, Oh my God. It was actually a little bit nice to have someone’s support. We laughed a lot.

What’s your biggest deal breaker in terms of the men?

I would say if somebody doesn’t have a compassionate heart to the people around them. I kind of watch how people treat the people in their space. How they act with their moms, how they act to the waiter. How they pay attention to the people in their life and strive to be kind — that’s huge. Or if they’ve never read a book.

Is there more drama than usual this season?

It’s kind of inherent in a show where people are competing for love so I was prepared for it. But yes, it’s always surprising whenever you put people in a different situations with strangers, it’s going to get a little crazy, but fun.