‘The Voice’ star Karina Iglesias in jazz concert lineup

Fans of the reality-TV singing competition The Voice — especially those in South Florida — surely remember the name Karina Iglesias. She’s the powerhouse vocalist from Miami whose epic rendition in 2013 of It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World had judges Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher and Adam Levine raving. And while Iglesias wasn’t crowned the winner, her performances on the show certainly opened new doors for the singer, whose style ranges from jazz, R&B, gospel, Latin and even hip-hop: She takes the stage at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Jazz in the Gardens festival.

You sing a lot of different styles — do you have a comfort zone?

You know, not really. I love to sing, so any opportunity I get to sing whatever genre, I’m just happy. But if I have to pick, working with a jazz quartet recently has been working really well. We take Top 40 covers and reimagine them as jazz pieces, so it keeps us creative and keeps the audience engaged when they recognize a song that’s played a little differently.

Is the live music scene here in Miami better than people make it out to be?

That’s a toss-up. There have been a lot of reputable venues that have closed recently where a lot of live music has been performed over the years. For example, the Van Dyke Cafe, Tobacco Road. So I don’t wanna say it’s dying, but it’s a little more alive in Broward and Palm Beach than it is in Miami, which is more of a club scene. But it is a good scene, with a very close-knit network of musicians, and we pretty much all know each other.

Your time on “The Voice” was huge. Can you describe the experience?

The show was a magical for me. You get a 90-second audition, and they didn’t turn around until the last two seconds, so I really had to keep my calm throughout those first 89 seconds. I knew my selling point was gonna be that last note that I hit, so I kind of was banking on them turning around at the end. But once those chairs turned around, I knew my life wasn’t gonna be the same. And so however long it lasted, I was just very aware and very in-the-moment, just embracing it all. It was just unbelievable to have artists like Blake, Adam, Shakira and Usher compliment you on your craft and validate all your hard work.

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