Twinning! Vin Diesel may play Miami restaurateur

By Madeleine Marr


He’s known as one of Fort Lauderdale’s most bad--s chefs. He’s Steve Martorano, owner of the wildly popular strip mall family style restaurant, Cafe Martorano.

He’s also known for his bald head, tattoos, muscles, signature phrase “Yo Cuz!” — as well as great cuisine and celebrity clientele.

Over the years, Martorano’s star has risen. He is a published author (“It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy” and “Yo Cuz! My Life My Food My Way“) and opened up sister eateries in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Now the Philadelphia native’s life may be moving to the big screen.


The Magic at Cafe Martorano in Lauderdale Vin Diesel n Lauda

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On Sunday, Martorano posted on Facebook a picture of him with celebrity lookalike Vin Diesel. The “Fast and the Furious” star visited the Fort Lauderdale hot spot Saturday night along with rapper Ludacris.

On Instagram, the chef wrote, “We are hoping actor Vin Diesel plays me in my life story movie. God is Good.”

Most of the comments from Martorano’s fans were positive, noting the resemblance between the two.

But the question remains...can Vin cook?