Miami finance whiz Lonnie Ogulnick tells you how to be a ‘Beast’ at life

You’ve got to get up pretty early to beat Lonnie Ogulnick to the punch.

The financial adviser — who recently came out with a self-help book “The Heart of a Beast: Surviving in the Lone Wolf Economy” (Lioncrest) —likes to be the first one up and out the door.

That’s just the way the New York native rolls. That’s because he’s a beast.

The idea for the book has been milling around his brain for years.

“Back when I was wrestling as a kid the term ‘beast’ meant that a guy was unstoppable. When I entered the world of finance, I heard the word again: It was people who worked at insane levels, doing an immense amount of deals. Being a beast is someone who gets up every day who wants to win that battle.”

To help get you motivated, the book includes inspirational quotes from historical figures such as Babe Ruth, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Benjamin Franklin, who famously said: “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

Ogulnick compiled the sayings to help him on his own personal journey.

“I’ve been searching for the best version of me,” says the father of two, who is married to fashion blogger Dara Ogulnick. “The way I do that is searching for the best version of other people. I want to learn, ‘What are they doing? What is going on in their minds that they are able to excel in certain areas of life and maintain that success?’ You want to be that guy who is always looking at life with the glass half full.”

Ready to be a beast? Take note: There are two kinds.

“We all have that little devil on our shoulder, telling us to quit, telling us we can’t do this. ‘You’re tired. Stop,’” explains Ogulnick, who lives in Aventura. “Those emotions are the red beast.”

The type of beast to aspire to is the blue kind.

“That’s the one we need to feed at all times — hitting the gym early, not wasting time at the office, keeping a close circle of friends who are positive and lifting you up,” advises Ogulnick, the CEO of Gordon Wealth. “It’s a daily grind and very easy to slip up and head down a bad path, letting that red beast win.”

Best tip of the book? Sweat hard, first thing off the bat.

“I would have to say without a doubt: Set your alarm. If you used to wake up at 7, wake up at 6. Find a boot camp, a [class] at the gym, Pilates, yoga, a video you can download. Carve out a half hour to an hour before your day starts and focus on a very good, solid workout. The endorphins it creates are like a tidal wave that will ride you through the entire day and you’ll be handle anything that comes your way, like a natural force field.”

Check Lonnie out the “Happiness of Pursuit By Doug Foley” podcast he will be recording from 8:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Wednesday.