‘Newlyweds’ star: Marriage is work

“It’s work. That’s what marriage is.” Sage words spoken by Hialeah native Erik Courtney in a scene from the trailer of the second season of Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year, which films couples throughout their first year of marriage, premiering 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Filming began in October 2013, one month before the IT pro walked down the aisle with beauty blogger Nadine Jolie Haobsh, four months after meeting on

Yes, love came quickly for this L.A.-based couple.

First date: Instant connection.

“It was amazing. We were pouring our souls out to each other,” remembers Courtney, who attended Miami Springs High School and Miami Dade College. “The second date we talked about who we wanted to be — people who live out their adventurous fantasies. The third date we took a trip to Japan. Crazy!”

The Bravo cameras show Courtney and Haobsh getting to know each other. On the pre-wedding first episode, the Atlanta-born bride-to-be meets her future mother-in-law, a nun who has since relocated to a convent in Massachusetts.

There is no staged drama, a la Real Housewives.

“We bring the drama on our own. You’ll see our first significant fight,” he says. “We’re still figuring each other out because we didn’t get a chance to live with each other or find out which side of the bed we slept on before we got married so yes, it’s been a challenge.”

But no regrets.

“When we’re in our rocking chairs, we’ll look back on this and say ‘remember when?’ The show has been better than any photo album. We really put it out there.”