Sean Penn: no apologies over Oscars immigration joke

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Sean Penn opened up about the Academy Awards green card joke heard ’round the world during a promotional tour in Beverly Hills on Saturday for his new film The Gunman, saying that he has “absolutely no apologies” for his comment.

Penn, tasked with presenting the best picture award, made waves when he opened the envelope and first asked, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?” before announcing the winner as Birdman.

Directed by the Mexican-born Alejandro Iñárritu, many wondered whether the joke was distasteful.

“I found it hilarious,” Iñárritu said after the ceremony. “Sean and I have that kind of brutal [relationship] where only true friendship can survive.”

Iñárritu directed Penn in the 2003 film 21 Grams.

“I make on him a lot of very tough jokes that I will not tell you,” Iñárritu added.

While Iñárritu’s casual dismissal of any perceived offense helped to temper the public response to the comment, Penn has remained largely silent on the topic.

“I’m always surprised by flagrant stupidity. I keep having more hope,” said Penn of the widespread outrage that followed the moment.

“The fact is that I understand it. I see it all the time. When somebody sees the opportunity to frame something in the comfort that it will be common–that they can do that and they can get a group to look at them and that they will take on those positions and never really think about what it was,” he added.

“I have absolutely no apologies,” Penn said with calm resolve.

“In fact, I have a big [expletive] you for … anybody who is so stupid not to have gotten the irony when you’ve got a country that is so xenophobic,” he said.

Good guys

Captain America actor Chris Evans met some "true superheroes" at Seattle Children's Hospital in a visit Saturday with Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

It was their second hospital visit as part of a Super Bowl bet that ended in a win for everyone.

The bet: If Pratt's team -- the Seattle Seahawks -- won the Super Bowl, Evans would visit Seattle Children's Hospital dressed as Captain America. If Evans' team -- the New England Patriots -- won, Pratt would visit Christopher's Haven in Boston dressed as "Guardians of the Galaxy" character Star-Lord, wearing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's jersey.

Even though the Patriots won, the two Chrises visited both hospitals. Pratt wore his Star-Lord costume to visit Boston Children's Hospital in February, and Evans donned his Captain America duds to visit Seattle Children's on Saturday, bearing gifts in the form of Marvel action figures and accessories.