Cuban duo Gente de Zona are in the zone at Trump’s golf tournament

Randy Malcom, Alexander Delgado of Gente de Zona
Randy Malcom, Alexander Delgado of Gente de Zona

There’s no embargo on Cuban reggaeton duo Gente de Zona, who, thanks to their slot in the Enrique Iglesias megahit Bailando (co-written by them and fellow Cuban artist Descemer Bueno), have become the biggest Cuban act in the U.S. Latin mainstream — and the Miami pop music scene — since mambo was hot.

They’ve joined Iglesias to rock AmericanAirlines Arena last October, opened Premio Lo Nuestro with their buddy Pitbull (whose recording studio they use when they’re in Miami), played Marlins Park. On Saturday night they join Carlos Santana and Los Amigos Invisibles at Cadillac Miami Nights Live at the Trump National Doral.

We asked Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom how life has changed since they went global.

What is it like to sing with famous artists like Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull?

AD: We admire Enrique and Pitbull a lot. We followed their music from Cuba — they’re great artists and incredible human beings. For us it was an incredible thing to collaborate with them... now we’re great friends and have a lot of fun when we work together. It’s been a dream come true. What more can we say!

What do you think about performing in the same concert with Santana?

RM: It’s hard to imagine, because he is a living musical legend. For us it’s a huge privilege and unique opportunity. Hopefully Santana will overwhelm us with his incredible guitar!

What has changed for you since the success of “Bailando?”

RM: People imagine that our lives have changed drastically, but really on a personal plane, we stayed the same as always. We haven’t abandoned our audience, and we’ve kept our feet on the ground.

What do your family and friends in Cuba say about everything that’s happened to you?

AD: When success knocks on your door it’s a huge emotion that you can’t explain. But we’ve had a career for 15 years, and we were well known in Cuba and other countries before we did Bailando. But to be recognized in the entire world is something we never imagined. Now Randy says his address is “American Airlines.” Our families see us less, but they’re very happy because they know we’re doing what we love.