Teen star Victoria Vida living the life on Netflix show

Victoria Vida
Victoria Vida

Miami-born actress, singer, and songwriter Victoria Vida is a shooting star on the rise — already receiving an Emmy nomination for her role on the global hit NETFLIX show “Project MC2,” seen in over 190 countries. The series, which follows Vida as the lovable Adrienne Attoms, revolves around four super smart and science-skilled teen girls who get recruited to save the world, naturally.

Tell us about “Project MC2.” How did you get the role?

As the brilliant filmmaker Woody Allen said, “80 percent of success is showing up.” That was the case with my audition. At first when I heard about the casting call, I was puzzled because the physical description was totally different from my appearance. The role called for a tall blonde; I am a short brunette. I almost didn’t go, but I had a gut feeling that I had to.

How similar are you to your character?

Both of us are very proud of our Latino background and are not afraid to stand up for a friend when in need of help. As Adri would say, I would never trade my pair of high heels for flats. Don’t get me wrong, I think flats are very cute, but there’s just something about those tacones altísimos. Also, Adri is into the culinary arts and cooking is a hobby of mine. I not only find it amazing how a few ingredients can make something amazing, but it can also bring together family and friends to share special moments. We both have an accent, and yes, it’s real!

Are you a big science person off screen?

The periodic table is like Adri’s kitchen, where the elements become her ingredients to make the perfect concoction. Before going on the show I was already really into science but now I realize almost everything we do involves science, especially when it comes to making something in the ktichen. For instance, if you don’t add enough baking powder your cake won’t rise.

When you are back in Miami, where do you like to go?

I love the beach, the tropical weather, the diversity, I practically LOVE everything about Miami. My favorite restaurant is The Forge, this place is just magical, super cool, and the food amazing!!!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mom. I strive to be the great woman that she is. She's like Wonder Woman! I admire her determination to push herself until she reaches her goals, and at the same time she’s loving and compassionate and able to believe in someone and support them in every single way. She’s truly one of kind and I feel so proud to call her my mom.